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Ben Adams Photography started in 2017 when I moved from Oxford to Leeds. This marked the shift from a personal hobby to a full-fledged business. The move itself was a turning point that inspired me to take my lifelong passion for photography more seriously.


Initially, my photography focus was on capturing moments with my family and pets. However, this experience opened my eyes to the possibility of turning my love for the art into a business. Being a devoted dog lover, I also wanted to contribute to a cause I cared deeply about – supporting the RSPCA. This led me to organize dedicated photoshoots for pets and actively participate in fundraising efforts, aligning my creativity with a positive impact.



The success of these charitable initiatives is evident in the growing number of satisfied clients who return for more personalized photoshoots. Building on this success, I pursued a photography degree at Leeds City College, completing the program in 2022. This educational milestone not only refined my skills but deepened my understanding of the art and science of photography.


Now self-employed, my vision for Ben Adams Photography goes beyond individual portraits and pet photoshoots. I aim to take on larger and more ambitious projects, exploring the world of moving images to diversify my portfolio. This shift reflects both my commitment to personal growth and a desire to explore the dynamic facets of visual storytelling.


Approaching each assignment with enthusiasm, I am always ready for new challenges, whether it's capturing family memories, collaborating with pets, or working with models and businesses. My dedication to the craft, coupled with an unwavering passion, instills confidence in delivering high-quality images that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Through Ben Adams Photography, my goal is to capture the inherent beauty and essence of every subject, creating enduring visual narratives that resonate with authenticity and artistry.


future plans

My journey into documentary photography began with LURA, the Leeds University Rocketry Association. Watching a dedicated team of students collaborate toward a shared goal was eye-opening. Documenting their journey, from triumphs to challenges, became a passion. My keen interest in science and technology helped me understand and capture the nuances of their work. The images I created played a crucial role in recruiting, securing sponsorships, and attracting funding. Visualizing the team's progress expanded their membership and garnered support.

Collaborating with LURA solidified my commitment to documentary photography, inspiring me to capture authentic stories. I aim to extend my vision beyond our solar system, documenting the forefront of technology as humanity explores the depths of space.


My ambition is to chronicle advancements that shape the future. From innovative propulsion systems to the potential discovery of extraterrestrial life, I see endless possibilities. As we push our understanding, I want to be there, camera in hand, capturing these remarkable moments. Through my lens, I aim to share the unfolding narrative of scientific exploration with those fascinated by wonders of science.


In essence, my mission is to contribute to our collective understanding of the universe. By documenting these extraordinary moments, I hope to inspire others to explore limitless possibilities beyond our current grasp. As we push the boundaries of scientific exploration, I aspire to actively participate in unveiling the mysteries that await us in the vast expanse of the universe.

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About the founder

Ben Adams is not just a photographer; he is a versatile individual whose passions extend beyond the realm of capturing moments through a lens. As a photographer, his keen eye and artistic sensibilities bring life to images, but there's more to Ben than meets the eye.


Beyond the world of photography, Ben is an avid pet lover, finding joy and inspiration in the companionship of furry friends. His affection for animals goes beyond the lens, as he actively engages in projects that support and showcase the unique bond between pets and their owners. Through his lens, he captures not just pictures but the essence of the deep connections that exist between humans and their animal companions.


In addition to his love for pets, Ben is a sci-fi enthusiast, drawn to the boundless possibilities and imaginative worlds that science fiction offers. This passion not only adds a creative dimension to his photography but also fuels his curiosity about the future and the technological advancements that may shape it. As a science and technology enthusiast, he keeps a finger on the pulse of innovations, understanding their impact on society and, in turn, incorporating this knowledge into his photographic storytelling.


Ben's multifaceted interests also extend to the realm of gaming, where he embraces the immersive worlds and interactive narratives that this form of entertainment offers. As a gamer, he appreciates the artistry and storytelling capabilities that make the gaming experience a unique and engaging medium.

His diverse range of interests—photography, pet-loving, sci-fi exploration, science and technology fascination, and gaming—showcases Ben's holistic approach to life and art. It's not just about capturing moments for Ben; it's about weaving narratives that resonate with the intricacies of life, love, technological advancements, and the immersive worlds found in both sci-fi and gaming cultures.