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Personal Profile

My name is Ben David Adams. I was born in Oxford, but recently moved to Leeds, West Yorkshire. I have always had an interest in photography since I was 16, and I first started with my mum’s compact camera. Gradually through the years, I have grown my interest and turned it into my main hobby by getting better and better at taking photos. I started to notice more and more people liking the photos I take. This led me to invest in better equipment and try out new things in the field of photography which in turn gained more interest from other people. I remember the days I used to take a thousand photos at an air show and at the time didn’t understand the need to go through them to select the best ones; instead, I would post the whole lot on social media.

I started to realise that people who viewed my photos liked them but only a quarter of the way through, I then started to go through all my shots taken on the day. After many hours of going through them and picking out the best shots a thousand photos became one hundred, the one hundred shots had gained more interest than I would have thought.

After altering my approach at sorting through photos before posting on social media I began to question my technique and wondered how other photographers’ sort through their photos. While searching for better ways to sort through photos, I came across editing. This was a whole new ballgame for me and I wanted to learn more, not only about editing but photography in general. Over the next few years, I purchased more equipment, learned new techniques, and edited many photos.

My usual day of photography was at a nature park, model, and family pets, which gradually grew into portraiture, landscape, firework displays, and other fields of photography, gaining more experience and passion with the subject. I started entering my photos into competitions and to newspapers in which I won a competition and was runner-up on a few occasions.

My greatest achievement was 6 months prior to leaving Oxford. I entered a photo every week into their Camera club section and was successful in getting a feature in the newspaper every Friday. In that same newspaper, my photos were used on their own for a half-, single-, and double-page spread.

At the beginning of 2018, I started by volunteering for the RSPCA as a photographer. This started out by taking photos of cats and dogs in need of adoption where the photos would be posted on their website and social media. Now I am the RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield District branch’s main photographer for all their events and this has been a huge boost for my talents. My photos are used for promotions, sales, and events. With the response I have gathered from various Facebook pages and the RSPCA, it has made me think about starting my own business. For many reasons starting my own business is a fantastic idea, the main reason is that I want to make a living doing something I love to do (which is something everyone can relate to). I also want to provide people with everlasting images for them to remember family, pets, and parties - the list is infinite!

I achieve an extremely high quality image and tailor myself to peoples requirements. Leeds and Wakefield are my main opperating area.